§ 1 General

  1. By joining the server you automatically accept the most recent version of our server policy.
  2. Punishments will be determined by the responsible staff member and are legitimate in any case. We are not obliged to provide any clear proof.
  3. Ignorance does not protect against punishment.
  4. Everyone is responsible for their own account. By sharing your credentials with others you vouch with your account.
  5. Bypassing your ban with another account is prohibited.

§ 2 Chat conduct

  1. Heavy provocations and insults of any kind are forbidden.
  2. You may not spam in chat.
  3. Lying to a staff member will be punished accordingly.
  4. Threats, hate speach and slander are prohibited.
  5. Extremist, racist and sexist expressions will not be tolerated.
  6. Advertising:
    1. Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden.
    2. Advertising for other purposes (YouTube, Twitch etc.) isn't allowed in global chat. You may only do so via private messages.
    3. Preferably you should only post TeamSpeak- or Discord-links in private messages in order to prohibit false bans.

§ 3 Behaviour in games

  1. Teaming is forbidden in all gamemodes.
  2. Utilizing bugs and glitches is forbidden. This also includes any glitches of Minecraft itself.
  3. Trolling will not be tolerated.

§ 4 Modifications

  1. Allowed modifications:
    • Better Sprinting
    • Optifine
    • Shaders Mod
    • Replay Mod
    • 5zig Mod
    • LabyMod
    • Shoulder Surfing
    • Advanced GUI
    • Badlion Client (apart from Fullbright, ToggleSneak, MLG Helper, Schematica)
    • Lunar Client (apart from Fullbright, ToggleSneak, Schematica)
    • Purely cosmetic modifications
    • Similar mods and other functions are only allowed by asking and after the rules have been changed
  2. Forbidden modifications:
    • All not listed and advantaging modifications
  3. The following mouse and keyboard modifications are not allowed:
    • Doubleclicker, AutoClicker, Clickmacros, broken mouse sensors etc.
    • The click button may not be set onto multiple buttons or the scroll wheel in order to click faster.
    • The debounce time may not be set lower than 4ms
    • Of course normal changes of keys like for example setting sprint onto a mouse button are allowed.
    • You may not use external tools in order to reach higher click counts (electrical toothbrush, broken mouse sensors etc.).
    • The clicking technique "Dragklick" (also known as Mouseabuse) and similar techniques are forbidden outside of FastBuilder.
    • You are not allowed to lift your mouse from the table in order to achieve a higher click count than usual.
      This means "Bawlclicking" is forbidden by any means
    • All other clicking techniques (Jitterclicking, Butterfly on one mouse button, etc.) are allowed. - 11.07.2020DeutschCreated by: McPlayHD, TROOP3R & TehTreeman